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Hello, I'm Bhavishay Kher, a Visual artist and MA Filmmaking graduate from Kingston University London. To this date, I've made two documentaries & two fiction short films as a director and worked on multiple projects including short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. I've been working with Kingston International Film Festival (KIFF) for two years as a Camera operator and production assistant. With each project, I strive to captivate audiences, provoke emotions, and ignite meaningful conversations. From tackling pressing social issues to explore the depths of human experiences, I believe in the power of cinema to inspire change and broaden perspectives.  The experiences that I've had during the journey of my life and filmmaking have carved me as an artist and as a person. And with the appropriate opportunity, I'd like to share my passion and love for visual art and cinema with more people. 


  • Ecological: The green game show [Commercial] Credits: Camera operator 

  • White Sheets - Hydro Fontaine [Music Video] Credits: DOP

  • ARRIxKIFF [Commercial] Credits: DOP and Editor

  • Strangers in Love - Tex [Music Video] Credits: Spark

  • Route to roots [Fashion shoot] Credits: Photographer and Editor

  • A Drive [Short Film] Credits: Director, Writer and DOP.                                                                                                         *Official Selection at Lift-Off Filmmaker sessions @ Pinewood Studios 2022                                                                             *Quarter-Finalist for 'Best Short Film' award  at Student World Impact Film Festival 2023

  • Little Chairs, Little Conversations [Documentary] Credits: Sound recordist

  • Esher Sixth Form College [Full-Time] Job: Film and Media Technician

  • Porsche Club Championship at Silverston GP [Commercial] Credits: DOP

  • Citizens of Nowhere [Short Film] Credits: Director, Writer and DOP

  • Umami [Short Film] Credits: Spark

  • Git Gud with Knighton: Gaming talk show [Commercial] Credits: DOP and Editor

  • You are a good kid [Short Film] Credits: Director and Writer

           *Official selection at Kingston International Film Festival 2022

  • Maskape [Fashion shoot] Credits: DOP

  • Beyond Sea [Documentary] Credits: Director, Writer and DOP

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